Step into your own by first identifying what makes you unique.

The Social Magnet is a network designed to build and develop connectivity. The world of social is rapidly changing, the best chance you have at competing is,

develop a framework that works for you all while serving others. Social Magnet connects problems with solutions.

We provide the much needed answers to the internet world through engaged consulting, asset management and network marketing.

Nothing is official until we have a image to promote. The difference between a professional and a amateur is an Identity. To build brand equity you must first establish a set of core values. By identifying key objectives likes:

a) Mission Statement

b) Target Market

c) Problem

d) Solution

You allow yourself the opportunity to compete, Social Magnet helps answer these questions with you by understanding your point-of-view.

In todays age, everybody is a walking media company, it just comes down to your ability to capitalize on attention. By creating a sound digital infrastructure you have the opportunity to attract unlimited potential and scale at large. Leveraging social media giants can soon turn to free money if executed thoroughly. 

Once you know who you are, who you are after, and what the reason for all this is, in other words you’re ready to make money, an impact, or a mess, it’s time to present yourself to the market. Ultimately the market decides your worth and your fate, however you can manipulate the market to work in your favor, by serving a market correctly, by leaving a line of happy consumers, by making the correct deals, by providing the best solution, all these things can help solidify your stance within the economic market.

GARY VAYNERCHUK, Chairman Vayner X 

Many in the social media world are conscious of Gary, over the last 5 years he’s gained world-wide recognition both in business and everyday life due to his business success, particularly involving the IOT and Technology. Gary is not new to business as he’s spent the better part of his life working and executing, even spotting genius technological advancements ahead of their time (Uber, Facebook, TikTok). Gary has helped shape our perspective on the market that is The Internet, from a consumer’s point of view, Gary seems to critically understand the advantage that is the internet and has almost perfectly executed his philosophy. Gary is just one of a few examples of what the world is leaning towards when it comes to affluence and strategy. The real wealth is in the ability to serve the public for a greater cause, and Gary exemplifies how it starts with YOU!

CHAMATH PALIHAPITIYA, Founder Social Capital

Chamath is a widely respected tech entrepreneur first known for his role as a Executive at Facebook, but most recently for his development of Social Capital, a venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California. The firm specializes in technology startups, providing seed funding, venture capital and private equity. Chamath is very conscious of the internet and the many tools being utilized everyday to develop and enhance the consumer, he too believes in their abilities, but warns of incorrect use. With the right goals and core values, Chamath believes we can increase connectivity globally and solve real world issues. 


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